Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy Statement.

AbriCS undertake to manage your data within the guidelines of the UK Data Protection Act 2008 and all iterations thereafter. We do not sell, share or give away your data to any organisation outside of RoseSalmonIndustries group which is a holding company for all its Subsidiaries which includes AbriCS. We will only use your data to market our own products and to keep you informed of updates and special offers. In the event that the group or subsidiary is sold to a new owner, that new owner will acquire the data.


How do you collect information about me?
When you place an enquiry with us either directly or indirectly through an intermediary, we store information that you have consented to supply. This information is stored in a secure CRM.

What information do we store about you?
We store your contact details and your business requirements.

What about my financial information?
Payments and subscriptions are made through our website using Stripe tokenisation. This ensures that no sensitive card payment data is stored on our servers.

How do you use this information?
We use this information to provide a service tailored to your requirements and to let you know of products and services that may be of use or of interest to you or your business.

How long do you hold this information for?
Seven years for the purposes of accounting and three years for the purposes of marketing.

Can I opt out of your CRM marketing campaigns?
Absolutely. There is a clearly defined ‘unsubscribe’ link attached to all our marketing campaigns.

Updated 10/11/2018