Thank you for your Purchase.
Please read the Terms and Conditions below.

Acceptance of an Order.
Although you have purchased an item or service online, this does not constitute a sale until we accept your order. This enables us to ensure that we are able to fill the order. We aim to confirm the acceptance of your order within 4 hours of your purchase.

Our Virtual Office Solution (hereinafter identified as the 'Service') is initially offered to Small and Medium Enterprises run by entrepreneurs who are currently in Employment or Studying and need assistance to grow their business. We reserve the right to decline to Service any business.

Light Virtual Office - Lines Open for your clients 09.30-16.30 Mon-Fri
Standard Virtual Office - Lines Open for your clients 09.00-17.00 Mon-Fri
Premium Virtual Office - Lines Open for your clients 09.00-17.30 Mon-Fri

Payment for the Service
An Advance Payment of 1 month is required before the commencement of the Service. You may pay for the service weekly or monthly in advance thereafter. Special arrangements may be made for emergency and Ad-hoc VO support. A Deposit may be required for larger contracts.

Discounts are available when you pay Monthly or Recommend a business which takes up the Service. The 'Recommend a Business' discount is applied for the duration of the service taken up by the new business.

Updated 21/10/2018